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Entry #15

I'm. . . Back?

2012-03-22 12:02:41 by LegendarySleuthLoki

That's right. None of you know me, ergo none of you probably care (save for GrimLoki), but I'm back. I think.

From a philosophical point of view: Fuck that shit, I ain't back. I'm somewhere completely different.

I'll admit, I was skeptical at first as most sites that have made MAJOR changes to their format end up fucking themselves over (and ignoring the cries of their users *cough* aniboom*cough*) but I think I'm starting to like this new layout Newgrounds has going. We'll see. . . We'll see. . .

A side note: The reason I'm back is sort of to make a name for myself, I suppose.
I have art that I can submit, and as such, am going to submit. It's nothing like anything that
most other artists on Newgrounds are capable of; it's of much lower par quality. Or maybe that's just the "misunderstood artist" in me talking.

A side-side note: My account still has a bad whistle status, which I am pissed about as I have done nothing since I joined NG. I didn't even upvote/downvote or comment on (most) videos/games--I only played or watched them--until I returned to see a bad status. So I email NG and they don't do shit.
After I noticed my bad status, I went about reviewing and upvoting videos and comments that deserved it and reporting trolls and spammers when needed.

A major problem with the voting system here is that to gain karma you have to vote up or down on a video--if the end result is that video/game being passed and you voted for a pass you gain karma, if it doesn't pass and you voted down you gain karma, but if you don't vote for the winning team--you don't gain karma. It makes justice hard to pass here on newgrounds, since many people are biggoted andnot of sound mind.


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